Wednesday, June 12, 2013

So it has come to this..

I did something crazy. Something that will push me to the brink, something that will make me grow, challenge me, change me. I am excited and scared out of my mind. But I am going to take the bull by the horns and rock this. I signed up for a competition. Most body fat lost and most muscle gained takes home the prize. That is not even the scary part. The scary part is the fact that I am considering taking a bootcamp/cross-fit class. I foresee blood, sweat, lots of tears and prob vomit in my future.

Let me share what I like to wake up to every morning. I literally will wake up and be like blah, then I remember I have spark and I am jumping out of bed excited.
It is the small things in life I tell ya!

So let me introduce you to my little friend.

Spark, SUNSHINE in a box, mommy juice, marriage counseling in a box, I could go on and on and on with nick names. But I will spare you.

Seriously this stuff is AMAZING. If you have not tried it, you need to. Not only is it 45 calories a serving, it does not make me shaky, or get the jitters, it helps give me mental focus while at work and long lasting energy throughout my day so I can keep up with my babies and to make it through my workouts (which I will be needing come time to start my cross-fit/bootcamp class).

If I have learned one thing at all in life it is this: