Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Side Tracked.

I have seriously been thinking about how to start this next post off. Then I decided....who cares. I would like to clear up something though. While me and my husband have had our ups and downs I do know one thing is for sure. I love him, and I probably always will, no matter what the outcome of our story.

With that being said, I have a funny story. My office has had the same UPS guy for the past 3-4 years. I remember when he would come to deliver packages when I was preggo with my youngest Branden. I hated it, because he wears cologne and it made me wicked nauseous. He has delivered flowers to me, supplies (not as fun as flowers), choc covered strawberries, and edible arrangements. So this morning he walks in with a box of flowers and teases me saying he has flowers for me. I say "They better not be for me." He of course laughs and says "Yes they are from your husband." What is my first reaction, I panic. I said "Nice Try!". They of course were for my co-worker from her husband, and it was so cute how surprised she was.

Every girl LOVES surprises, presents from her man. I don't care who you are, if you say you don't you're lying!

Another side note:

With that being said lets jump right into the next part of my "love" story.

Whenever we were together we could be doing anything and we would be laughing. I remember going over to his house and playing video games or him playing and me "talking trash" to the guys he was playing with. I remember nights when all our friends would end up at the church and we would have a nerd party and play halo against each other.

We saw a lot of each other since we were both heavily involved in our youth group as youth leaders. I remember all the girls who would had a crush on him coming up to me and asking me to put a good word in for them. It made me laugh. I had friends tell me that they could see me and him ending up together and married. That they could see how much he cared for me. I just brushed it off and laughed, I liked being single, and although I didn't think of him in that way I wasn't opposed to the idea either. Besides, dude was dating Barbie.

I remember the day his girlfriend broke up with him....again. He was hurting and I felt terrible, I wished as his friend that I could take away the pain he was feeling. I even made him a sandwich and cut it into a giraffe to cheer him up. It totes did NOT look like one at all, I did however get a smile out of him.

We started hanging out more frequently. One night after youth group our music pastor  had called  me to come outside and go with them to TP this girls house. I of course could not turn down the offer, so I threw on some dark clothes and ran out the front door. It was a fun night, lots of running and adrenaline going. At one point we were considering jumping the fence, and by we I mean the two guys. I was horrified how I would get over the fence without looking like an idiot, or worse ripping my pants clean off my body. We did come out unscathed and fully clothed, praise the Lord!



Monday, May 6, 2013

Love. Part One.

While chatting with an old friend on Facebook (Miss Laura), we were talking about her upcoming wedding and how excited I was for her. I absolutely LOVE love. I think its adorable, sweet innocent (until proven otherwise). That feeling you get when you catch him looking at you, the excitement over that phone call or text, the butterflies he leaves when he kisses you, I love all of that. I unfortunately feel that for my husband, with whom I am currently separated from.

Now before you get all judgy on me, let me finish....Laura said I should start a blog, as therapy. So that is why I am here. So feel free to respect me and my followers, which currently is in the single digits, (go me!!).

I am very well aware of how I was set up in life to fail at this thing called love. All the Disney movies, fairy-tales, well movies in general. So I am a hopeless romantic, emphasis on the hopeless.

This is part one of my story.

I knew my husband from church. I remember when his family lived on my parents street and my sister and I would drive by and see him and his friend and we would laugh, I said "I would NEVER marry a guy like that, they lack determination and drive." Little did I know at that time this boy would steal my heart, and break it in more ways then one.

About a year later I remember coming home from a summer camp and he needed a ride home and no one else was available to do it. So I offered him a ride. I remember his mom inviting me to his high school grad party. I declined as we were not really friends but just acquaintances.

Friendship blossomed over the next 1-2 years, we hung out in the same group of people and became youth leaders for our church. He had a girlfriend at the time of 4 years, and I had a crush on another guy who I thought was so dreamy with his amazing tan and the guy had arms to die for.

His current girlfriend no one liked and so they kind of just ignored her, it made me feel terrible so I tried to make her feel welcome and even invited her to go hang out and go to a movie once or twice. (I had no romantic feelings for him at this time.) I just wanted to be single, have fun and live life. That is exactly what I did. When we hung out it was simple, and fun. We could do anything and it was exciting.


Be sure to come back for the next part of my story!