Sunday, November 27, 2016


I am so in love with the beginning of fall to the end of the year. However this is the most expensive time of year as well. Here are a few pictures of my walk with my oldest Thanksgiving morning, if allowed some one on one time for just he and I and I loved every second of it, even though it was raining. 

Being a single mom of two little boys who supports them 100% by herself is not easy. I work two side businesses on top of my main full time job. 

Trying to get in all the fun times during the holidays and traditions is hard when everything you would want to do with the kids costs money. So I am going to over the next 4 weeks share what I have done to reduce costs, fun projects, and traditions with my kids, and how I survived Christmas credit card free and still made memories. 

Stay tuned this is going to be great (or hilarious)...but I can laugh at myself so it's all good! 

First off. I am going to attempt to make gingerbread houses, homemade, without buying the ones at the store. I will post up pics and the recipe later this week. So stay tuned and send your good vibes my way, I will defiantly need them. 

In the meantime go look at my sister's shop for some cute holiday or not holiday items!
There will be a coupon code good to use for cyber Monday! 

Monday, September 26, 2016


It has been a hot second since I have laid it all out on this blog. I have tossed the idea around for a long time about changing the direction of what I want to write about and what kind of blog I want to have. But over the last few months I have realized I just want to be genuine, real and raw with people about life.

I write this tonight as I am overwhelmed with the day of activities that I have accomplished. You see, I am a single mother to two little boys. I am my kids sole provider and while I have an amazing support system and family, some days I find myself completely and totally exhausted. While driving home from cub scouts with my boys I just wanted to cry. I was hungry, tired and I still had to get gas in my car, I felt completely alone and overwhelmed. My kids were tired from the long day of schoolwork, jiu jitsu and their first pack meeting of the year. 

Why I thought it was an amazing idea to have us all involved in all these things is beyond me. I do not pretend to know what I am doing, nor do I take what cards I have been dealt with lightly. I do not want them to miss out on life because they only have one parent around to do things, so I make sacrifices on the daily for my children and die to myself so they are happy. I am not my kids bestie, I do not give them everything they want. I have taught my boys that they should work for what they want in life. They see me fight for it in the gym, on my knees and in life. They have seen my at my strongest and at my weakest.

I have an amazing life, and yes I can do a lot of things and multitask like a boss. I still make it to the gym 5-6 days a week, meal prep, can still maintain friendships, volunteer as a youth leader at my church, home school my kids, and still find time late in the evenings for myself.

I not only work my main job, but hold two side businesses as well. I am rarely home, and when I am I want to soak up the peacefulness of it all before it slips away.

I do not regret the circumstances and situation that has brought me to where I am and who I have become today. The pain of my separation from my ex husband nearly did me in. But here I am today stronger than I have ever been, happier than I have ever been, with a fire inside me that burns to make myself a better person and to strive for greatness in life. I chose to rise up, to stand up, and that is what matters most my friends. What you do when you have been knocked down by life onto your knees.



Monday, January 26, 2015

Got Clumps? Do you use 3D Fiberlash Mascara.

You took the plunge and decided to try Younique's 3D fiberlash mascara and you have had issues with it clumping? It is probably due to one or a few of the following.

You use regular mascara prior to using the 3D Fiber lashes. 
I realize the insert that comes with the mascara specifically states to use the 3D fiberlash mascara over your regular mascara, but as you know, all mascara's are not the same. I do not use regular mascara first, I find that it clumps. I personally like my lashes better with just using Younique's 3D fiberlash mascara. 

You're using too much gel or too many fibers.
When you first start using your new mascara, there tends to be a lot of fibers and gel on the wands when you remove them. You want to build layers and not try to achieve the long lush lashes in one coat. The mascara builds nicely and you should use less product and build it by adding more coats.

Not letting the fibers set.
If you don't let the fibers set long enough, when you go to seal them with the gel, it can cause the fibers you just put on your lashes to stick to the wand. Switching off between eyes gives the fibers some time to set and won't come off with a quick swipe of the gel when you seal them.

After I get the desired length I use the blow drying method, you can watch the video here for that: 

***If you haven't tried it, put down the falsies, break up with your extensions. Go to: click shop, add 3D Fiber Lashes to your cart and wait patiently by the door -- swipe on your fabu "Lashes" and be wowed instantly!!! 

Happy Monday Ladies!  Xoxo

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

I called him babe.

It will have been 2 years on February 12th since my ex husband told me that he never loved me. It doesn't seem like it has been that long. Nothing sucks more than your best friend telling you that he tried to love you for 5 years and just couldn't do it anymore. A million memories flooded my mind of us that screamed otherwise.

BUT guess what, here I am 2 years later living and crap. Who would have thought that the most dark times of my life would have brought confidence, strength, and the endurance to deal with all the petty stuff that comes a long with it.

So my ex and his girlfriend wanted to come the weekend after Christmas to see the boys for the day and give them Christmas presents. When my ex dropped them off, my youngest was crying and saying that he was so hungry. He had them all day and out of reaction, frustration, or whatever you want to call it, I snapped my head up and probably mean mugged him and said, "BABE! Uh did you even feed them? When did they last eat?"

The awkwardness of the entire situation was quite comical, but he blankly stared at me, didn't correct me, and said "Yes I fed them. He didn't really eat much." I was semi mortified, and quickly apologized and said "Sorry, I called you that for close to 8 years, it was out of habit." No response from him, he just told me that his girlfriend was mad and sitting in the car and that he needed to go.

I don't know how you can literally not live with someone, hardly speak to them, unless its about your children, and you still accidentally call them babe.


We all live and learn. Divorce is the hardest thing I have ever done, next to being married (if that makes sense).

You pick up your broken pieces and move on, live, love and love again, laugh much and often, hold you babies tight, find your passions, and just live.

Monday, February 17, 2014

A few of my favorite things..

This past month I have found a couple new favorite products that I wanted to share with you. My all time favorite is this new Maybelline Baby Skin - Instant Pore Eraser with Blur Technology . I found it on pinterest (go follow me, I pin cool stuff) and wanted to give it a shot, it makes my make-up look flawless. I absolutely LOVE it.

So over the past year with stress, it has done a number on my hair, and I found this conditioner that blows my mind. Joico K-PAK Revitaluxe Bio-Advanced Restorative Treatment, 5.1 oz.I use it once a week and leave it in after my shower for about an hour and rinse it out with cold water. I could tell a huge difference in my hair within the first use of the conditioner, my hair not only looks healthy, my hair is starting to shine again. I also take 5000mcg of Biotin that I bought from super supplements, and omega plex from Advocare.

Last but not least is this foundation/powder in one, MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation NC20 for Women, 0.52 Ounce. I am usually leary of products that are combination foundation and powder, because they seem to be more creamy and does NOT go on how I would like, but I have been nothing short of absolutely amazed by this product. I have been using it every day, and is my go to foundation. 

People ask me all the time what makeup and products I use, so I figured I would share. Enjoy!