Sunday, November 27, 2016


I am so in love with the beginning of fall to the end of the year. However this is the most expensive time of year as well. Here are a few pictures of my walk with my oldest Thanksgiving morning, if allowed some one on one time for just he and I and I loved every second of it, even though it was raining. 

Being a single mom of two little boys who supports them 100% by herself is not easy. I work two side businesses on top of my main full time job. 

Trying to get in all the fun times during the holidays and traditions is hard when everything you would want to do with the kids costs money. So I am going to over the next 4 weeks share what I have done to reduce costs, fun projects, and traditions with my kids, and how I survived Christmas credit card free and still made memories. 

Stay tuned this is going to be great (or hilarious)...but I can laugh at myself so it's all good! 

First off. I am going to attempt to make gingerbread houses, homemade, without buying the ones at the store. I will post up pics and the recipe later this week. So stay tuned and send your good vibes my way, I will defiantly need them. 

In the meantime go look at my sister's shop for some cute holiday or not holiday items!
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